Our Patient Jarvis Green tells NFL News that Stem Cells changed his Life

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I’ve blogged before about our success using stem cells to treat NFL player Jarvis Green‘s knee. Jarvis was just interviewed by NFL News about his experience with the Regenexx-C and Regenexx-SD procedures and how that might impact Peyton Manning’s chance of success, here are excerpts from the Jarvis Green Stem Cells interview:

“For his part, Green swears the therapy worked. In 2009, his final year with the Patriots, Green had two knee surgeries. The first, which he was told was “just a scope,” took him months to recover. The second, coming during the season, took a month of games off the calendar for him. After playing out the year with New England, he bolted for Denver.

At minicamp the following June, his knee worsened to the point where he said it was “bone-on-bone.” In an effort to hide a brace and heavy bandaging, he wore sweatpants. He says he had a good few days of practice, but he knew something was wrong. And he searched for answers.

“After minicamp, I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, I couldn’t play tennis with my kids. Nothing,” Green said.”

“Stem-cell therapy is what he found. He went to a doctor in Bloomington, Colo[we’re in Broomfield, Colorado], keeping all this from the Broncos. The process had doctors extracting bone marrow from his hip and harvesting it for three weeks. That substance was then injected into Green’s knee. Green was told to wear knee braces for the next 10 days.

Within two weeks, he said everything changed.”

“”The pain was gone,” Green said… “It was a tremendous difference in the pain level, my range of motion. It was amazing. I rented a house in Denver with an elevator, just to get by, and said nothing to coaches, because I was worried about getting cut.

“Two weeks later, I’m swimming and biking in the mountains. … I went to camp, didn’t miss a day of practice, ran every day, beat everyone in sprints.”

Green has no doubt on the effects of the stem-cell therapy.”

We wish Jarvis well and hopes he comes back to help the rest of his NFL battered body!


*DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx® Procedures have a success and failure rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.

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