The Regenexx Network Conference Begins Today

Every year for the last five we have brought together our network physicians in Colorado for our Annual Regenexx Network Conference. This is a great way for our doctors to learn the latest and greatest about everything Regenexx as well as trade experience and clinical pearls. This conference begins this morning. So I welcome all of our network physicians and their staff here to Colorado and look forward to a great few days of learning and comradery!


*DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx® Procedures have a success and failure rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.
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  1. Riverdel medical practice , Riverdel MedSpa
    Dr Evacueto Tangco, MD
    Gloria Tangco, CLS ,BB,PA
    Dr. Joyce Bernabe , MD
    We would like to join your conference if possible. How much is the fee for the 3 of us .

  2. Hi:

    I’m wondering if Regenexx is investigating, or has investigated, or plans to investigate, stem cell function or quality (viability) issues as a possible explanation for the variability in treatment outcomes from person to person. For example, older people may have stem cell senescence. People with autoimmune diseases may have stem cell function problems. I’m wondering what Dr. Centeno has learned about variation from person to person in stem cell function or quality. There are studies that talk about this, but I’m curious how pioneers in this field, like Dr. Centeno, are dealing with and thinking about this issue. In other words, is it possible that most of the variation in treatment results or satisfaction can be explained by the fact that some people (such as those people with auto-immune diseases) have relatively poor stem cell function—their stem cells simply don’t work as well as those of a healthy person? Maybe poor stem cell function is part of the reason some people have osteo-arthritis in the first place??? I’m guessing there is no good, practical way to assess stem cell function, health or viability in the clinical setting, after the cells are extracted from the bone marrow, prior to injection. Thanks

    1. Gary,
      With the culture expanded procedures, we were able to look at cell function in terms of how the cells proliferate in culture. We have looked at outcome versus those metrics (i.e. cell doubling time) and did not find an association.

  3. Please give my regards to Dr. James Leiber DO, and his staff. In May 2016, he performed the autologous stem cell therapy for a partially torn supraspinatus rotator cuff tear.
    Ten months later I am doing better. Followed up with the PRP injection which hurt more than the meschynmal stem cells.
    Interested in any new developments. While not pain free; I am better and not surgically compromised! Dr. Leiber will remember me as I am the only professional ventriloquist he ever treated.

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