Info for Physicians

Regenexx is not a product, but a family of medical procedures that define what we consider a new medical specialty-Interventional Orthopedics. Regenexx is also not an add-on to existing surgical procedures, but instead a new way of approaching orthopedic problems.

We are looking for a few well trained, board certified musculoskeletal medicine specialists to join our exclusive network. Joining the network involves extensive training and most providers who apply are not accepted due to lack of basic training in interventional orthopedics (fluoroscopy and MSK US guided injection based procedures). In addition, the ability to perform an in depth, complex musculoskeletal exam lasting more than 25-30 minutes of hands on time with the patient is required or must be learned. This includes the ability to quantify problems of stability, nerves, muscles, joints, and body symmetry.

Do you have the skills to join our growing team of providers? Fill out the form below to find out or click here to learn about the Centeno-Schultz Interventional Orthopedics Fellowship.