Regenexx ProActive

Regenexx ProActive is for active individuals who want to stay at the top of their game and maintain peak health through their middle-age and senior years. 

Regenexx ProActive

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Regenexx Stem Cell Procedures Help Tony Maintain Peak Fitness in His 60s

As we grow older, our body begins to send us warning messages. When these messages are ignored, small musculoskeletal problems can compound until they leave us sidelined from the activities we love. When such issues are left untreated, they can ultimately lead to more chronic conditions and may permanently reset what we consider to be our normal level of fitness, performance, and activity. This is why some people in their seventies can run a marathon while others in their fifties can barely walk a mile.

The Regenexx ProActive program provides practical advice on understanding these warning signs and taking action to maintain peak performance through middle-age and beyond. ProActive explains how the use of biologic treatments such as stem-cell and blood-platelet procedures can help return joints and the spine to a healthy state before things go awry ensuring that small problems don’t go from bad to worse.