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IOF Elbow Wrist Hand Course Aug 2017

Dr Centeno discusses how he injured the TFCC and DRUL in his wrist. Also how getting precise injections of PRP prevented the need for surgery.

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IOF Elbow Wrist Hand Course August 2017

Dr Centeno discusses how physicians will learn how to precisely inject the biceps tendon insertion to avoid the median nerve in the antecubital fossa at the upcoming IOF course in Colorado.

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Why is My Arm Throbbing?

Is your arm throbbing or tight? Do the muscles jump or twitch involuntarily? This is a warning sign you should pay attention to and this video teaches you about the cause and solution!

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Common Extensor Injection Video

An example of how ultrasound guidance is used at the Centeno-Schultz clinic to inject Regenexx-SCP into the lateral epicondyle to treat tennis elbow.

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Treating Tennis & Golfer's Elbow with PRP or Stem Cells - Dr. John Pitts

Dr. John Pitts discusses two common overuse injuries and how Regenexx-SCP (super concentrated platelet rich plasma) and Regenexx-SD (same day stem cell procedure) can help treat these problems non-surgically.

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