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Do Your Shoes Wear on the Outside?

Dr. Centeno discusses why shoes wear on the outside and what this may mean.

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How to Help a Bent Big Toe

Dr Centeno discusses how to help a bent big toe. As we get older, the big toe can begin to bend sideways. This can cause pain with walking or in certain shoes. What can you do about this?

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Big Toe Numb?

Is your big toe numb? Dr. Centeno discusses what causes this problem and why it may a warning sign of bigger issues.

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Why Won't My Heel Pain Go Away?

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis is often a warning sign of another potentially big problem, click on the video above to find out what you and your doctor may be missing...

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Bunion removal without surgery?

When you surgically remove a bunion, it destabilizes the foot. The bunion formed to keep the foot from pronating, so removing it turns your foot into an unstable pronating machine!

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I Love Running - A Regenexx® Stem Cell Therapy Patient Success Story

Faced with a tendon injury that made it impossible to run, Scott turned to Regenexx® advanced stem cell therapy that allowed him to return to his favorite activity. This is his story. 

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