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Thoracodorsal Fascia Injury Causing Low Back Pain

What is the thoracodorsal fascia? Can we detect injury in this structure on MRI and ultrasound imaging? Dr. Centeno reviews a recent case.

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Rib Injury after Car Crash

This is a patient with injured ribs after a car crash who feels that they "go out" causing pain and problems breathing. She sees a PT who manipulates them back into place, but they come out again. This is a left/right comparison showing abnormal rib motion on the right which we will treat with regenerative medicine treatments focusing on the rib-spine and rib.sterum ligaments as well as the fascia covering these ribs.

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Hip Avascular Necrosis Stem Cell Treatment at Regenexx

Dr. Jamil Bashir shows how Regenexx and the Regenexx Network of Physicians are very different and why we are leaders in the world of orthopedic stem cell treatments.

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Fracture Non Union Stem Cell Therapy

How does the Regenexx procedure heal fractures that won't heal on there own?

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Valerie Avoids Jaw Replacement With Her Own Stem Cells - Regenexx® Success Story

A TMJ recovery story. Facing a jaw replacement, Valerie turned to Regenexx® and was treated by Dr. Chris Centeno using her own stem cells and platelet rich plasma.

Here's Valerie's complete story.

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