Regenexx Spine Webinar

Alternatives to Surgery – Using Your Own Stem Cells to Heal Your Body

Next Webinar Starts in: 10:00 Minutes

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Join Chris Centeno, M.D., founder of Regenexx, to learn about how Regenexx stem cell and platelet procedures can treat your spine or neck injury.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the future of medicine is shifting towards non-surgical, needle-based orthopedic procedures
  • Who is a candidate for a Regenexx procedure and who isn't
  • Why Regenexx procedures are superior to other stem cell & PRP procedures
  • Answers to the most common questions people have about the procedures
  • Why Regenexx is responsible for a major percentage of the published research on orthopedic stem cell procedures.
  • Case studies / stories from Regenexx patients

Are You A Candidate for the
Regenexx Spine Procedure?

Speak with a Regenexx patient liaison to learn more
about what we can do for your spine condition.

  • We listen to your specific situation and concerns
  • We answer questions related to your spine and Regenexx
  • We explain the patient process for considering a spine procedure
  • We can schedule a time to meet with a Regenexx physician near you

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