Ankle Talofibular Treatment Case Study

Dr. Centeno's Analysis:

32 yo WF with a several year history of significant ankle pain from a fall. 


The patient had failed arthroscopic debridement, steroids, prolotherapy, and physical therapy and still had chronic ankle pain.


Before and after MRI ankle ligament repair using Regenexx stem cells

Pre and 3 month post MSC transplant COR PDFS 3.0T MRI of the lateral ankle ligaments and talardome.

Note the partially disrupted talo-fibular ligament (in dotted white circle) on the left on the January, 2008 pre-op image. The same ligament in the May 2008 MRI shows that the upper portion of the ligament has repaired and that the “crimped” appearance of the sub failure stretch injury present in the left image has returned to the more normal morphology. The patient had significant relief of pain and this procedure required no immobilization. Patient was treated with the Regenexx-C Procedure.