Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Case Study

Dr. Centeno’s Analysis:

Denny is a middle-aged ex-rodeo clown. As you might imagine, being a rodeo clown and getting speared by bulls all day is not kind to your body. Denny had a multi-year history of hip pain and was told at a young age that he needed a hip replacement, but he was told he was too young. Other than taking pain meds, he was left with no other option than to wait the 10-20 years until he was the right age for a hip replacement.


Three months after his Regenexx stem cell injection into the right hip as a moderate hip osteoarthritis treatment, Denny reports significantly increased activity and more good days. Patient was treated with Regenexx-C Procedure.


Below are his pre-stem cell MRI (top image) and his three-month post-injection MRI (bottom image). Denny was in our phase III hip study, but failed to report results. While we had MRI evidence of bony repair over sub-chondral cysts (big holes in the bone under the cartilage) and reduced pain in severe hip OA patients, the moderate OA patients (Denny’s group) were not reporting results. We believed the problem was that the cells were not being placed in the weight-bearing part of the joint (where the arthritis is usually the most severe). This was because existing injection techniques for the hip were not designed to get medication into the area. Denny was entered into our phase IV trial, where we developed new injection techniques to allow cells to access this weight-bearing area. Denny finally reported results and will  be entered into our phase V study for additional treatments to get further results.

This again illustrates RSI’s commitment to balance patient needs (we want the ability to get access to this procedure as soon as possible) with some assurance that we have the ability to deliver a reasonable expectation of positive outcome. While the base technology of using adult stem cells shows great promise, the lessons of how to successfully apply this technology to get results with each disease can only be learned through some basic study.

Before and After MRI images of hip osteoarthritis after a regenexx stem cell procedure