Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Case Study

Dr. Centeno’s Analysis:

Pixie is a 46-year-old nurse at a local children’s hospital who sustained a chondral injury (damage to the cartilage covering the end of the thigh bone part of the knee) during a self-defense class. She underwent an unsuccessful arthroscopy, unsuccessful cortisone shots and physical therapy. She was told she needed a knee replacement, but was too young. She may have been a candidate for a chondrocyte transplant (Carticel), but couldn’t afford the huge out-of-pocket expenses.


About a year after her stem cell injection into the knee, Pixie reports significant improvement and is back to many activities (including her self-defense class). She is featured using her knee in her class on the FOX News Channel video on this site. Patient was treated with Regenexx-C.


Below are her pre-stem cell injection MRI on the left and three-month post-injection MRI on the right. The biggest change we noted was further extension of the thin grey cartilage line over the previous “bone on bone” area. We measured the area of this “lesion” (the size of the area where the cartilage was damaged) and showed that it had decreased in size by about one-third (click here for a link to the research paper we have submitted on these MRI changes). We viewed the imaging this way to make sure what we were seeing wasn’t just an effect of how the MRI slices went through this area.

Before and After MRI for knee osteoarthritis stem cell procedure