Shoulder Arthritis Treatment Case Study

Dr. Centeno’s Analysis:

Wayne is a 60-year-old retired financial planner. He had a multi-year history of bilateral shoulder pain and was told he needed a shoulder replacement. He had tried steroid injections with minimal success. He couldn’t lift his right shoulder, throw a ball or lift heavy objects. Wayne was seen in our Colorado clinic for the RegenexxTM procedure.


Eight months after his stem cell injection into the right shoulder, Wayne reports 75 percent improvement and wants us to inject his other shoulder (which is also a candidate for a joint replacement). Patient was treated with Regenexx-C.


Below are his pre-stem cell MRI on the left and his five-month post- injection MRI on the right. The biggest change is that the pre-injection MRI shows a dry arthritic joint without fluid, and the post-injection MRI shows a joint with normal joint fluid. This is important, as this synovial fluid lubricates the joint and allows it to move normally while cushioning and protecting the cartilage. We believe the new cartilage cells created by the stem cell injection have now started to produce synovial fluid, where the old cells did not.

Before and After Image showing success with shoulder stem cell procedure