Tailbone Fracture Treatment Case Study

Dr. Centeno’s Analysis:

Jane is an 82-year-old woman who was living alone in her Florida home when she fell and sustained multiple fractures of the sacrum (tailbone), spine and pelvis. She was placed in a nursing home. After three months, her sacral fractures had not healed, and she couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom without severe pain. As a result, she couldn’t participate in PT. Her daughter was convinced that if she didn’t intervene, her mother would not survive this ordeal. She flew to Florida and brought her mother to our Colorado clinic.


Jane’s osteoporosis was so severe that surgical stabilization of the sacral fracture was impossible (the screws wouldn’t hold). In addition, because of the location of the fractures, any attempt at injecting bone cement to stabilize the fracture could cause paralysis. We did not know if our patent-pending procedure could grow Jane’s stem cells to larger numbers, due to her advanced age. However, we obtained good stem cell growth and injected these cells into the sacral fracture sites. One month after the procedure, she had no pain and had returned to independent living. Note that she wore no braces and had no activity restriction. Patient was treated with Regenexx-C.


Since thin-slice CT scan images are hard to interpret without significant imaging background, we include here the radiologist’s report at three months after the injection. Note that the sacral insufficiency fractures show moderate healing (where we performed the injections). While she has various other problems related to her initial fall, the sacral fractures healed enough to resolve her pain.

Validation of stem cell procedure success for tailbone