Shoulder Pain Surgery? Helping an Admiral’s Shoulder with Only an Injection of Stem Cells

shoulder pain surgery

Are stem cells an alternative to shoulder pain surgery? EB is a retired US Navy Admiral who was first seen by our clinic in January of 2009. His MRI showed multiple rotator cuff tears and military surgeons had told him he needed rotator cuff surgery for his shoulder pain. This was impacting his ability to golf and even shake hands with someone, so he opted to try the Regenexx-C procedure as an alternative to shoulder rotator cuff surgery. EB underwent an exacting imaging guided injection of his own stem cells in February of 2009. He responded slowly due to his advanced age, but by 6 months he was doing well. I hadn’t seen EB in years, but he recently sent me this nice note on fancy Admiral letterhead:


Thank you is insufficient for the quality of life you have enabled me to live due to your professional skills. The aging process is not for sissies, however life without shoulder pain when you love to play golf is a blessing!”

EB is now 4+ years out form his stem cell injection. We’ve treated and helped many types of high level patients: sports stars, actors, ballerinas, high net worth businessmen, and others. It’s nice to hear that we can now add a Navy Admiral to that list! We wish EB many happy years on the golf course and thank him for his distinguished service.

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