Stem Cell Injection for Partial Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear

Just a quick outcome update on Ruth, who is a middle aged nurse who is now 1.5 years out form her stem cell injections for a partial rotator cuff tear. As you may recall, she is a nurse who had one shoulder operated for a partial rotator cuff tear twice and was very disappointed with the results (she never regained full ROM, had extensive down-time and time off work, and needed a second surgery when the first failed). When the non-operated shoulder rotator cuff failed, she looked for other solutions and found us. Instead of shoulder surgery with the extensive downtime and blue pillow immobilization, we injected her own stem cells into the rotator cuff under imaging guidance. She was sore for a few days, but wasn’t immobilized. Ruth has done very well, reporting now 1.5 years later that she still has no pain and full range of motion. She regrettably can’t say that about the shoulder that was operated in the traditional way, that shoulder has significantly less range of motion to this day.


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