Stem cell 'pharmacies' predicted

Stem cell ‘pharmacies’ predicted

Interesting article this am out of the U.K.  A stem cell researcher predicts that we will see “stem cell pharmacies” in 20 years time, with banks of stem cells and doctors prescribing various cells for various conditions.  What’s fascinating to us is that this sounds very similar to the “practice of medicine” argument being made by ICMS, namely that a doctor’s use of stem cells in his or her medical practice represents a “one on one” medical risk no different than any other surgical procedure and specifically does not trigger drug mass manufacturing regulations.  Already, tens of thousands of compounding pharmacies exist throughout the US that allow doctors to order any compound (FDA approved or not) to treat one patient.  Is this where autologous stem cell therapy is heading?  Compounding pharmacies for stem cells?  Physician run labs for stem cells?  Either way, it’s an interesting comment by a stem cell researcher that may predict what’s coming.


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