Regenxx PL-Disc Alternative to Epidural Steroids and Back Surgery

The Regenexx®-PL Disc procedure is a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment option available to patients suffering from Disc Bulge or Herniated Disc.

Disc Bulge or Herniation

Chronic Bulging Lumbar Disc or “Herniated Disc.”  As a disc degenerates, the soft inner gel in the disc can leak back into the spinal canal. This is known as disc herniation, or herniated disc. Once inside the spinal canal, the herniated disc material then puts pressure on the nerve and causes swelling, causing pain to radiate down the nerve leading to sciatica or leg pain. If the soft gel inside the disc doesn’t leak out, injuries to the outer wall of the disc can instead cause the disc to bulge and this can put pressure on the spinal nerve.

Think of a low back disc as a bicycle tire. There’s an outside rubber part and an inner tube. When the outside rubber part that holds back the inner tube has cracks or defects, the inner tube can push the rubber casing out and cause a bump. If this were your low back disc, the inner tube would be the soft gel like material on the inside of the disc (nucleus pulposis) and the thick outside rubber part of the tire would be the thick outer covering of the low back disc called the annulus fibrosis. Our current surgical approach is to take out pieces of the back wall of the disc (remove pieces of the annulus fibrosis), resulting in a weaker disc. Think about the bike tire metaphor again. This is like sanding down or cutting out the small bump in the outside casing of the tire. How long would the tire last if this is how you fixed the bump? Not long. The same holds true with the disc, cutting out pieces will weaken the disc and make it more likely to degenerate or fail (re-herniation). Is there another way? Click here to see how many of our patients have reported results with the Regenexx-PL Disc procedure…

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