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Can Knee ACL Surgery Leave the Knee Unstable?

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    Sanjai Jain says

    Great, exciting and motivating information.
    Looking for treatment of ACL Knee injury (while playing) of my son aged 21 years .
    Would like to
    1. Time to recover so that he can join his college
    2. Approximate cost of treatment
    3. Whether your treatment covered under mediclaim policy or not.
    Thanks & Regards.


    Regenexx Team says


    The place to start would be to fill out the Candidate Form so that you can upload the MRI's and medical history etc. A phone call with one of our Physicians will be scheduled and whether your son's ACL injury would be a good, fair or poor candidate for a Regenexx procedure established. In looking at the Mediclaim website it looks like unless there is a direct pay agreement with a medical provider chosen from their database, the patient pays and then seeks reimbursement from Mediclaim. I am looking into whether we have ever received a claim from Mediclaim.


    kazem says

    Hi i am 26 years old and this is my MRI Report
    My right knee injured 5 weeks ago
    and I Immediately Fixing that and Walking with a cane for 3 weeks.
    and go to Physiotherapy for 2 weeks daily.
    i Feel little pain when bending down from behind In hamstring and groin

    please more Explain to me Is there a problem and Should I Be Concerned?
    Can i Do sport After This with High intensity?
    (wrestling ,running , volleyball…)
    Please Help Me What should I do?

    Right Knee Joint MRI:

    Medial and lateral menisci have normal shape and signal intensities.

    There is subtle increased T2W & TRIM SI of ACL suspicious for sprain.

    PCL , MCL , LCL and patellar tendon appear normal.

    Visualized bones and muscles have normal signal intensities.

    There is extra-articular edema and moderate knee joint effusion


    Regenexx Team says


    Not sure what "Fixing that" means. We never go by an MRI report, but rather read the actual films ourselves. If physical therapy doesn't resolve the problem, correct diagnosis and treatment would be important to prevent long term issues. To be evaluated for a Regenexx procedure, please submit the Candidate form:


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